Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai

The first plan was to go to Lao-Myanmar border, but because we all wake up late than we change the plan, go to a very famous temple on the mountain, Doi Suthep.

The temple is located 15 km from the city of Chiang Mai and is a sacred site to many Thai people.

To reached there, we pick a day tour package from my hotel. For 2 destination, tribal hill and Doi Sutep you need to pay around 900 BHT, and the journey start from 9 AM till 5 PM. They will give you comfort mercedes van and 1 guide.

The weather was so bad when we reached this temple. Dark clouds, thunder and rain. Because this build up in the hill, so you will feel how closed the light of thunder and it's make me scared.

I try to hide from rain and thunder beside a huge statue of Buddha inside, but I saw the people there do not care about the rain and still sit , quiet praying in the rain and lightning.

It's so beautiful, how they can trust the power of nature to immerse themselves in, without fear of hurting.

Strong winds blowing make all the temple bells rang, create a sacred atmosphere around. I saw a buddhist monk sale a completely prayer offering. A pink lotus , 3 incense stick and small candle. Than i buy one for 20 BHT.

When praying and requesting a favor to Buddha, Thai people take three incense sticks one pour the Buddha, one for the Sangha (สังฆ - Buddhist community), one for the Dharma (ธรรม - teachings of the Buddha), a flower (ดอกไม้ - orchid or lotus, which symbolizes the Buddhist teachings purity) and a small candle (เทียน - it symbolizes comprehension enlightenment).

They lit the incense sticks and kneel three times and put the incense sticks in front of the statue.

Once inside the temple grounds, visitors must take off their shoes and must be appropriately dressed. For foreigner you will get charge 50 BHT to enter the temple.

Because the temple build in a hills there are about 300 steps to climb to reached the temple, but don't wory if you don't like take 300 stair you can go directly throught elevator.

I choose to climb the 300 step , you know why...? they build this stair with the deeply meaning . Let me try make a conclusion..

Usualy in life human will choose the easy way to reached the destination and get nothing. But when you reached the destination with hard work and difficult process, then you will always remember and be grateful with what you have done.

Does it make sense...? :)


  1. Despite bad weather, you got excellent pictures. Yes it is hard way that brings results.

  2. ...the guy in the 2nd picture looks like he just did a terrible mistake, somehow :)

    1. All the monks always try cover the face when we try take a pic, mybe because im women :),

  3. Beautiful captures as always Mareta and the words are always so meaningful too. I love your posts, so much to learn from them.

  4. I'm going tomorrow and found your blog. The steps at Wat Arun sacred me, but I did it anyway and will never forget it. So I did some research on this temple and found you. Your point at the end resonated. Looking forward to my time there.

    1. I hope my blog help you to get some information, if you need an advice do not hesitate to ask :)