Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Sunny Day at Botatoung Pagoda

The first destination is Botatoung Pagoda. Many people believe if Botatoung pagoda is house of Buddha sacred hair. From my hotel in down town need 15 minute to reached this place. Because tomorow is full moon festival, so a lot of people come together to pray and give holy offerings there.

For the foreigner, need pay the entrance fee. 2$ for the ticket and 1$ for camera. The funy thing is without asking, the ticket man write our nationality inside the ticket. Thailand Tourist :).

Because it's holy site, you need follow the rule here, leave your shoes outside and dress properly.

Enough Crowd inside, especially in the side where sacred Buddha hair show. I just stand and wait patiently. When i get the chance to walk inside, i just surprised, all look bright. Yes, because all the gold pin in the wall. It's precious view.

Many people praying inside, and i just looking around, where is the buddha hair..?. Buddha hair securely keep inside a gold stone covered with glass wall around. So people just can look from the far.

Now i start thinking again, how they can get buddha hair...?, from nepal? India or..? And how buddha hair look, what i hear is little bit curly and black like me :)

Deeply walking, I could feel a strong spiritual atmosphere inside here. Some of monk's sit in the corner of golden wall, recite the sutra, some of women bring unique offering and leave it the front of sacred hair, and the one that catch my eyes is many people leave the money inside. This form of believe to have good luck in life.

The best way to reached this place from downtown is by taxi, the price charge is around 1000 - 1500 Kyat, try to bargain and stop the taxi on the street.

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