Saturday, 26 May 2012

Good Morning !

The best activity that we can do in the morning is reading the newspaper with a cup of hot coffee. I never thought before, if Myanmar has a lot of english language newspaper. I just realised this morning when i go down in the lobby of my hotel.

I just thinking who will read the newspaper, i mean in generaly. We know for long time ago Myanmar get the embargo and isolation from the western world because the situation of the dictatorial governments and various humanitarian cases.

Could it be that the situation has changed now..? Mybe soon the capital expansion from the western world will be come and change the face of innocence this country to be same like the other asian country..?

I hope not...

Anyway.. let's enjoy my huge breakfast, myanmar style..

Banana, omelette, bread, traditional myanmar cake, organic butter jam, and of course myanmar coffee :)

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