Sunday, 11 March 2012

Communism & India

Honeshtly, im not a communism follower. But the history and the story around comunism always catch my eyes.

West bengal is home of communism party in india, i just imagine if i can visit some of the communist office there, and take a picture of the flag. Like i do in vietnam before. So i write in my destination list. Communist office !

When i roam around kolkata, i see many symbol of communist there. Flag, Wall Mural, Street poster etc. And mostly is in the slum and crowded area.

Like in the other country, communism in india is growth agains feudalism, land reform and capitalism sytem of economic because of British colonialism.

The growth of communism and communist politics in India after the Communist Party was founded in Kanpur on December 25, 1925 in the midst of the anti-colonial struggle changed India's political landscape in a fundamental way.

It placed on the agenda the creation of a state power of workers and peasants by workers and peasants to end all forms of oppression and exploitation. Eighty years later, and nearly sixty years after colonial rule formally ended in India, the idea of workers and peasants wielding political power to bring an end to the oppression and exploitation finds widespread support and sympathy inside and outside India.

Even after many splits and the fragmentation of India's communist movement, the ideal of one communist party leading the people with one revolutionary program for social, economic and political transformation reverberates around India.

In Past the propaganda of the communism movement have a much space inside the people of india, many time the communism party win in ellection and get much chair in state.

But now, the communism going to be forgotten in india, mybe people there tired with dreaming nation. May be they need a new age of Karl Marx, that could hold the people's aspirations more than just the old bible of communism "Das Kapital"..?

May Be..

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