Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bhagirathi Guest House - Sudder Street Kolkata

I stay in this place for 3 night. The location is in the center of backpacker area "Sudder Street". It is in small alley, that was not visible, if you don't see it carefuly.

As my experience here, the staff is not friendly and not helpfull, the price is between 1200 - 2000 RS, AC Room with the bathroom inside. If you ask me its clean?, i think the room is clean, im not smeel anything inside, they have good tv with good channel, but i see some weird object that always walk in the table. Just two time, and it's have white grey colour, look like rat :)

My advice is when you stay here, always keep everything inside your bag, and don't bring any food inside room . Always lock your bathroom door don't leave it open. Bring your own bed sheet , pillow sheet, and a bottle room fresh spray.

And if u see rat, don't kill them , call the hotel staff, because rat is holy animal there.

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