Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mahabodhi Temple

I’m not gone to tell you the story about how this temple build, because Wikipedia already have the complete history about this temple, or mybe later I will tell you the story from my perspective.

It’s around 6 pm , when I arrived at the gate of Mahabodhi Temple. Need to stand, queue up for fifteen minutes because someone special just visit this temple so all area is restricted for public visitor (like me).

I don’t like this situation, because while I stand there , I see around a lot of an awful of beggars, people with disabilities, the old women – man , homeless children, lay , stare , cry. Suffering situation. Is it..?

And not far from, a group of rich tourist (from the language I guess it’s from Thailand) bring the money that is thick in his hand and start to spread, making a mess situation. It’s happen always, one tourist finish, than other start. I can imagine, why many beggar here. It’s heaven. Is it..?

Nah, the door opened now, I leave my shoes and pay Rs 20 for my camera, and an old man in the ticket counter give me big smile and say’s Cambodian? Uhhh.

Mahabodhi temple opened till 9 pm, but when some celebration happen, it wll be open 24 hours.

Little bit shock, when i see hows the temple look in the night, full light, colour laser, much marigold flower everywhere, feel like in the middle of party place between the stone. Completely Luxurious !

Some of area , especially near the bodhi tree wall covered by Gold powder that leaved by The Tourist that come here.

Suffering outside Luxurious inside…If this is not too much…?

I’m not sure if Buddha like all this,

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