Monday, 12 December 2011

Good Morning Varanasi

It’s around 3.30 am when my alarm woke me up. Cold weather make me lazy to fold my blanket. But I remember today i make promised with my self, I want wake up early and do some meditation behind the river.

Than I go down , sit beside the river, that make me surprised is all activity already start here at 4 am , children sale the flower, the boat man wait the tourist, a sadhu start chanting, the Brahmin take a holy dip…

For mostly some old tradition (even my grandma told me the same) , Morning is great time to make some contemplation, They call it “brahma mahurat “ a period time that start from 4 am till 6 am. This is the best time for a person to engage in meditation and prayer. Those who wake up at this time are able to soak up nature's energy in order to invigorate their minds and rejuvenate their bodies.

Early dawn is thus the most suitable time for spiritual and intellectual growth. At this time, man through prayer and contemplation, is able to experience the vastness of the supreme consciousness. Man is able to go beyond the narrow confines of his brain, but, dwell in the limitlessness of his thoughts. Those who follow this principle of getting up early and praying are able to unlock the infinity of their minds.

So I search some quiet place, sit and silent, I ask with my self, How I can be here this time..? What I was looking for…?

My mind blowing an stuck , because the beautiful sunshine this morning.

And I think not all things need a reason to be happen, and the process of looking for a reason that's the real answer.

Om Shanti..Shanti..Shanti..


  1. I am speechless, such depth in your words.. I really want to be at this very place right now..