Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Varanasi : Here we start . . .

Varanasi is the holiest of the seven holy citiesis for Hindus in India, the original name of this city was “ Kashi” which originated from the word 'Kasha,' meaning brightness. It is also known as Avimuktaka, Anandakanana, Mahasmasana, Surandhana, Brahma Vardha, Sudarsana and Ramya.

Varanasi has been refered time and again in the scriptures of as in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata and also in the Buddhist Jataka tales. The Jain’s also have strong ties to the city; it is believed to be the birthplace of Parshvanatha, the twenty-third Tirthankar.

Hindu origin believe that if a person dies and is cremated on the Banks of River Ganges or if his ashes are submerged in the pious waters of the Ganges he attains salvation and freedom from the cycle of life and birth directly go to Nirvana

On my first day here , I just walking around and enjoy the narrow street.

If you ask me, It’s dirty?

and I'll ask you again, give the definition of what it's dirty?

When dog eat in the same plate with people? , Where people can piss on the street? ,Where cow feel free to lay down or throw the faces everywhere?

Some of negative words I hear about this city, even from the india people perspective and its difficult for me to understand, I mean Whats wrong with this city?

Today I stand here to feel it all..

and there is only one word I could find, this city is Amazing :)

To be continued..


  1. I was so waiting to hear your tales Mareta. Yes, its dirty but its amazing at the same time.
    Those pics made me nostalgic, the lanes, the ghats, the cows...
    Waiting for more.

  2. Yes, just 2 weeks left and I miss it already :)

    Will write more Arti..