Saturday, 19 November 2011

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport

After sit almost 6 hour in flight and 5 hour stuck in Kuala Lumpur. Finaly, I reached The City Of Joy , Kolkata. Same like Airport in Madras, Kolkata airport look simple and a little bit old. The difference is only in the maintenance of VOA (Visa On Arrival). Why? In Madras there is only one officer and not many tourists queue. But in Kolkata there are many officers that they works very slowly and many tourist stand.

For more efficient, better if you prepare all before landing like passport photos 4x6 , Indian money 2730 Rs and Hotel Address. Than just entry the office, fill the visa form and give all.

Kolkata airport is 20 km away from the city, the best way to reached the city is by the taxi. But I read the taxi there is very difficult if they know you are Foreigner be prepared. Better if use pre paid taxi inside and don’t take the taxi outside

(that's me with the green T shirt)

In international airport they are one prepaid taxi counter, close to the final inspection gate inside the airport. But do not be surprised if you've been waiting a long time and the man in counter will not provide an explanation. It's happen on me, 45 minute stand in the long queue, and the man just say no taxi Mam, all people there yell, how long? Than the man say’s Don’t know.

I’m a little worried, because I have to go directly to the Sealdah train station, my train will leave to Varanasi at 11 pm. Than I ask the police that stand, where the other pre paid taxi. He say front of domestic airport. Without thinking than we go there mybe just walk around 10 minute.

When you look the domestic airport the situation more better than in the International airport, the building, the light etc.

How come? Yes that’s India.

They have 3 pre paid taxi counter in domestic airport, one is closed, one say no taxi, one and only just have AC car that have rate 950 Rs to reached Sealdah train station.

What should we do? , Because Im very tired and my back bone pain than, Lets Go for 950 Rs!

Advice : If you want to go straight from the airport to the train station make sure you have plenty of time before scheduled departure of train. The ideal is 5 hour. Because Kolkata have bad traffic in evening, and you need 1.5 till 2 hour to reached the train station (Sealdah station). But if you not have much time better stay one night in Kolkata and go for the train tomorow.

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