Sunday, 27 November 2011

Dasaswamedh Ghats - An AfterNoon

According to ancient myth, Lord Brahma performed Das (ten) Aswamedh sacrifices here and a bath here confers the benefits of ten aswamedh of all the ghats along the banks of river ganges. That’s why this ghat famous with name Brahma Dwar (Door step of Brahma).

This is the most important Ghat in Varanasi, everday many people come to this ghat to do puja and prayer. And one that can not be missed is the Evening Arti that held everyday here around 6.30 PM.

It’s still 3 pm when I reached Dasaswamedh Ghat, but many pilgrim already take a place there , sit an wait, because they do not want to miss the Ganga Aarti today , even the ceremony still 4 hour more.

I can feel high enthusiasm here, all the people came crowding,prepare all the things. It’s not happen one or two time a month. But it’s happen every day here.

People never seem to get bored..? It’s make me more curious, What is Ganga aarti? How it's going?. Why people so excited with this perform?

Okay i will join with them, sit here till 7 pm come :)

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