Friday, 7 October 2011

"Letter to God"

I just wanted to write a short letter for You , It's not an important letter. Just only a small confusion in my life , which always come everyday. And I do not know to whom to tell, other than to tell You.

I read some of Your words in a holy book about the secret of a human life.

“For all your days are written in my book” Psalm 139:15-16

Are you willing to share a little secret about my future?

If You not have time, Just lend Your book in my table near my bed, I always have time to read it. No no.. I mean im not asking for much. Just give me a clue as a clear map which shows of where is my destination.

I still remember, You gave me the freedom to choose the way that I like. But not always what I like about it is good for my life.

Give me the directions, or You are too stingy and like to play?. Wait until I lost and Cry?.

You know I do not like the risk in life, because I think life only once and I dont like to play it.

The way in front of me now quite dark, I do not know what's ahead. Are You want to shed a little light?

No no.. I'm not asking for thousands of watts of light. One candle is enough for me. So I could see if this road have the edge. I’m sure You understand how I'm afraid it's happening again, just walking in a long road that made me gave up and tired.

I know there is always hope, although sometimes seem impossible, I believe the universe will make it happen. But do You want to make me always live in hope? I'm human and sometimes I do not have patience enough. Wait for all that hope was realized.

Do You still have reserves of hope in Your pocket? leave it to me a little. Just to accompany me ,

I wait for You write me back.

As a shepard carriers a lamb, I have carried you close to My heart (Isaiah 40-11)


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  1. Hi Mareta,
    Beautifully written post... God is always with us, guiding us... You will be in India next month, if you need any suggestion or help do feel free to leave a comment on my blog.
    Have a fabulous weekend:)