Saturday, 9 July 2011

The UnLucky thing

While im in india, several times i got a lack of luck, and this happens consecutive. The train accident, losing my 100 U$ (that make me sleep one night in airport), meet people who bad behavior, lost my swiss knife that taken by india imigration officers, ...and many thing.

The unlucky thing just can make people angry and sad, inclueding me..

But, I try to think positive. Every case that happen must have brought a reason beside. And im sure the reason will be good for me. Just wait and see :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experiences, but you are looking at it with the right positive vision Mareta.

    Much Metta to you always!

  2. What is luck? Are you lucky if you catch the train? If later it has an accident? Are you lucky to find a wallet full with money? A maffiot could lost it. Are you lucky to make somebody as friend? Many psychopaths are running on the street.
    Don't be sad, Ganesha takes care of you :)