Saturday, 9 July 2011

Bangaluru International Airport

Time is over... i must go to the airport to catch my flight..

From the center of the city (MG Road) , bangaluru airport is pretty far, i'ts outside the city, need 1 hour more drive when in the normal traffic. I take taxi from trinity church area (pre paid) and i getting charge around 800 Rs. Some of bus to airport is available, but im not sure where is the shelter, the hotel man say's i need to walk, and mybe the bus ticket price around 150 Rs. Because i bring many many stuff, so too lazy walk to the shelter.

Bangaluru airport is very different, modern, with the desain and all facility. Not much to do here. So just looking around and taste the coffee with a piece of samosa.

I see many police with the gun around,Yes, today Rahul Gandhi -the young handsome india politician- will campaign in the Karnatake district.


Im the big fans of him even in india he make a lot of controversies, but i think im not lucky, because he arrived in this airport this morning :(

Who is him? are he is a bollywood movie star? I'm not sure, i see in outside many people catch him ask for pic and sign.

Than i ask a man that sit beside me, he say, they are famous cricket player group in india bla bla bla... im not understand..

Yay , cricket is kind of new way religion for india :)


  1. You were in Bangalore too? I had not visited your blog for sometime or could have helped you out with travel around Bangalore/Mysore at least. Anyways hope you had nice time.

  2. Yes, and i will fly back to west bengal next november.

  3. Welcome to West Bengal, Kolkata ;)

  4. That's Shane Warne. The australian cricketer. He plays club cricket in India