Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A journey to Kanchipuram - காஞ்சிபுரம்

Kanchipuram is a city that famous with the thousand temple name, just 75 km far from Chennai city. The are several big temple here, and for hindusm follower its important city for Pilgrim journey.

Before i write this city in my journey list, I read some sacred text that say Ayodhyā Mathurā Māyā Kāsi Kāñchī Avantikā Purī Dvārāvatī chaiva saptaitā moksadāyikāh II -Garuḍa Purāṇa I XVI .14

Mean, they are 7 holy city in india where Garuda Purana as giver of Moksha, They are Ayodhya, Mathura, Māyā, Kāsi, Kāñchī, Avantikā and Dvārāvatī.So no need to much reason, I must visit this city Kanchipuram.

To reached Kanchipuram from Chennai, they are available direct bus from Chennai airport, or by Train start in Chennai central railway station to Arakkonam railway station and rent rickshaw around.

Because april is bad weather, so my advice is better rent a car, because too many temple must visit. It’s the easy way to rent from morning till night.

Around 11 am I reached kanchipuram, i like this city, simple and old. I see many temple here build with the dravidan style. Colourfull and

Kanchi is a pilgrim and sacred city , so every temple have own policy - foreigner not allow come inside the sanctum stone. I asked my car driver, he said do not wory miss, with your face I think no one see you as a foreigner, just one don’t talk with your language.

And yes its true, Im act, like the other local visitor, walk and quite, sadly as the pilgrim I can not take a picture inside, because normaly people here to pray not to act like tourist!

But to see the sanctum we have to queue up, stand , without shoes and heat. Lucky me, a priest known by the driver of my car, call me... miss come come use the back door,

I'm confused, but my driver gave me the sign to remain silent. So i finaly saw that sanctum , touch it and and feel the power of what is actually there. And the result is I do not feel anything because conditions in the south of the temple is very chaotic and noisy.

A lot of prayers recited mantras inside and one comes over, speak with tamil language that i dont understand, he brought offerings and blessed me, gave me a lotus flower necklace and ask me for donation/money (always!)

To be continued...

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