Thursday, 28 April 2011

India and Christianity

Christianity arrived in India almost about the same period as it arrived in Europe, The important hostory is when one of the Apostles, St. Judas Thomas, arrived in India and converted Indians to Christianity.

St. Thomas was a carpenter and a disciple of Jesus. He was brought to India by a merchant to build a temple. He succeeded in converting local Indians to Christianity. He die ini india leave the dark history about it. The Grave still available now inside the famous Basilica Church in Chennai. Many Christian pilgrim over the world come to this place for pray and holy journey.

European powers arrived in India for commercial reasons, especially spices. But they also started converting local Indians to Christianity. I remember when my history teacher told me about “gold, glory,gospel” . How the colonialism mix with spirituality and also economic reason, become more soft movement.

From my eyes, I can see how the root of tradition and hindu myth assimilate with Christianity dogma. Its very interesting look ( I think just available in india). Place that recommended to visit is Velankani Church. In this place you can se how the local pray with many symbol and unique way.

The Marry stone/picture, flower, orange holy string, candle and joy evidence of an perfect assimilation.

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