Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Let knock the doors..

Angkor wat, i get the dream visit this place long long time a go, and today finaly im stand here. Its still 3.30 am when i leave my hotel and catch the tuk tuk , sleepy and cold because last night it rained hard in siem reap.

With 20$in hand, im ready knock the angkor wat door and meet the suryavarman II king, the person that build of angkor.

Just one that i can say, its amazing, big stone , crave with perfect hands, and keep the value of a high civilization.

Angkor Wat combines two basic plans of Khmer temple architecture: the temple mountain and the later galleried temple, based on early South Indian Hindu architecture, with key features such as the Jagati. It is designed to represent Mount Meru, home of the devas in Hindu mythology.

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