Monday, 9 November 2015

Train Ride Colombo to Habarana - Batticaloa Train

Next stop is Sigiriya Village. To reach Sigiriya there are many option of transportation. Bus, Train, or hired car (taxi). For now we decided to go with the train. There is some advice before start your train journey.

There is train that direct to go to Sigiriya from Colombo ?
There is no train that direct to go to Sigiriya Village. The nearly station is Habarana City.

How long the travel hour by train to go to Habarana ?
We start at 6 AM and reached there around 2.00 PM , so around 8 hour.

What kind of train ?
It's economic train, without AC and so slow. If you want fast ride , hired car or taxi. But for that someone offer me price around 3500 Srilanka Rupee, it's 4-5 hour ride to Sigiriya. If you want to save budget go with the train.

What the name of the train  and how much the ticket price ?
Batticaloa train and choose 2nd class, the ticket is 600 Srilanka Rupee.

Can we book the ticket online?
No, you need to go directly to the train station one day before the departure. That's why we stay overnight at Colombo.

How far Habarana to Sigiriya Village?
Around 20 km, You need to hired tuk tuk to Sigiriya and the price is around 1200 (2x price of 8 h train ticket) you need to hard bargain, i think the real price is around 1000 Srilanka Rupee.

It is comfortable train?
Depend on, for me the train is pretty comfortable and really basic. The people in front of station (beware ) try to offer me to rent car and says the train ticket is sold out because the holiday. But when we ask the ticket counter inside there is a lot of ticket available. And we surprised nobody in the train, It's bit hot inside but you can open the window. I just imagine if its rainy season it will be difficult. If you want to get the local feel , try the train.

to be continued...

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