Sunday, 21 September 2014

Vegetarian Food around Jaipur (4)

After walking around the fort, our belly just need the food. We ask the driver where the place to get good food. And he just drop us in the small place near the street of the palace.

I think this is the best thali that i have since i travel around India. I'm not sure the name of this place (they write it in hindi alphabet), but the location just in the front of Jaipur Palace. This place just serve the fresh vegan thali (punjabi, rajasthan and south india style). Highly Recomended for vegetarian traveller around jaipur. Simple place and cheap price.

Anyone can help me to translate the hindi alphabet of the restaurant name..? :)


  1. Ummmm... looks yummy. :) Great find, dear Mareta.. next time, I should try this one.

    And it's good, you asked for the translation.. it will surely help a lot of people. Here it is - 'Shree Balaji Pavitra Bhojnalaya' (in black print) or 'Shree Balaji Veg Restaurant' (on the tarpaulin sheet)

  2. ah i know you will help me to translate this one :), thank you, yes you should try , nice taste for vegetarian like us Arti