Friday, 18 July 2014

The Another Journey begin..

The journey of life is just a path,
On earth to lead our way,
A place to stop and rest a while....

The journey of life is a stepping stone,
On this path to greater things,
Life is not an empty dream,
If we rejoice in all it brings.

Each step we take will bring us closer,
Though the journey is not easy,
Loved one's will take our hand,
To guide us in life's journey,
With their footprints in the sand.

Our journey on earth to Heaven,
Will be measured by our deeds,
By how we have treated others,
And cared for others needs.

The journey is different for many,
But the destination is the same,
For eternity will await us all,

Sitting on the boarding room now, wait my flight... to India continued to Nepal and end in Thailand

Just one wish .. much blessing on this journey..



  1. oleh oleh..postcard from nepal :)

  2. You were in India? I missed my chance again :( I wish I could have joined you. Happy journey, dear.

    1. Yes arti , quick visit before go to nepal, 9 day around rajashtan , next time I should visit Mumbai :)