Saturday, 5 April 2014

Kanawa Resort Island

This is the only place to stay inside the Kanawa Island. Simple, sweet, quiet and nice place. If you want to get lost this is the best place to hide. No phone signal, no internet, electricity just available around 6 PM - 11 PM and everday the resort just give you 50 liter water for shower etc, over than that you will get more charge :)

The resort have 3 kind of place to stay, bungalow, bale-bale and tent. And we stay at bungalow room. For bale-bale and tent, you will share a bathroom. My advice is if you come around rainy season better if you choose bungalow room. But if dry season i think bale bale and tent it's nice too.

I love this place. Beutiful beach, friendly people and always have good food for vegetarian.

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  1. Looks like a paradise, dear Mareta. Beautiful pictures, I want to get lost in here...

  2. first time visiting your blog :)
    wonderful reflection post,