Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Superstitions of Black Cat

I found him 3 years ago, in the middle of night. He always sitting in front of my door. Stare at me so deeply. I try to touch, but he always run. He look so ugly , thin and many scar around his body. I'm sure he is stray cat, because so wild and not friendly.

I decide to adopt him, when in fact it was he who adopted me :). I give name OMEN. Because he is black and look mysterious. I remember the famous superstitions about black cat which gives bad influence on anyone who adopt. That makes a lot of black cats living in misery get a lot of violence and unwanted.

I try to search the history how this superstition start...

Long long time ago before christianity come, people pray for mother of earth as goddes. The colour of fertilty Mother Earth identify with black colour, deep - dark - first element. Thats why many women priest of mother earth belief wear black. Famous in european with the name druids. So in that age, black cat is sacred animal, manifest the power of earth.

After some period, christianity come. They try to convert all old belief follower. And making propaganda with superstition. Being mother earth, "the life-giving one ", her "home" was the black earth below, That became the HELL for Christianity. And all druid with black dress convicted those black as "black magic" and it got a bad name, as well as the colour black itself. In this period many druids died.

The female druids where mostly accompanied by a cat with the holy black color. And as black was "from the devil", they where burned as witches together with their blak cats, or the cats where thrown from the belfry towers. From that time all the superstition about bad luck for black cat growth.

So i want take it back all good thing about black cat, like many female druids do. Back to the nature belief with more wisdom.

The holy of mother earth , i will be kind with all the creature inside your home, giving my space to them and love them regardless of any condition.

Happy Valentine all :)

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  1. Iki lo candramawa! Mana dukun majik hitam. Reminds me of "Blackie" my cat... looks wimpy but had ten lives.