Thursday, 27 December 2012

Vegetarian Food around Cimaja West Java

It's not so difficult to get Vegetarian Food around Cimaja. Even this area is famous with fish menu but plenty restaurant there that serve vegetarian food.

Nurda's Cimaja Point Restaurant

Just beside Desa Resort, Nurda's Restaurant have some of vegetarian menu. Green place and the food is delicious, also the mango juice and banana smoothie have nice taste, but one thing that i don't like about this place is the people there not so friendly at all.

For Veggie Curry + Mango juice and Banana smoothie = 9 U$

Cek Ombak Resto , part of Desa Resort

I try Vegetarian Pizza & Vegetarian Spaghetti for dinner (8 U$) , Scrambled egg , bread toast and coffee for breakfast (5U$) and Egg Noodle with fresh chili chop for lunch (2 U$).
The taste just normal, i love the noodle.

There are many other food place like Ombak tujuh , Cimaja Square Resto and some street food, that have delicious menu. We just need to ask and they can cook for you vegetarian food like you want :)


  1. Enak makanan di Cimaja. Tetapi kenapa harus membayar harga bule?

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