Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Thing's I'd Love To Do For Next One Year

Drink a lot of water - Stop thinking negative thought about ourself and other - Eat more fruit and fresh vegetable - Enjoy little thing in life - Spend more time with my Dad - Wear clothes that make me happy - Do more social work - Write a Book - Go to the beach (more)- Less melancholy - Own every minute of my days with a grateful heart and open hands - Leaving time a day for Contemplation & Meditation - Take more pretty picture around - Join language course - Kiss The Elephant - Saving more , Travel More - Try The Ashram Life In India - Fall in Love with the Right Person - Lose weight 4 Kg - Never look back, go straight - Weekend in Ubud - Build My Own Business - Running 3 times a week - Cooking - Getting Old with bunch of Wise - Buy Ganesha Tibetan Stone - Speak Less Listen More - Be Kind and Lovely - Not be afraid to be different - Read more Book - Do small thing with great love.


  1. Just glad Nyai roro Kidul didn't take you away with her. Love the pics.

  2. Ha ha, noo Nyai Roro Kidul love the green colour, and im totaly not green :)

  3. running 3 times a week more than 30 minutes = lose more than 4 kg ;) believe me....
    Register here and you will have the motivation :)
    take care

  4. thank you for the links, wish i live in Pune :)

  5. who knows the future, "let's Ganesha decide..."