Sunday, 30 September 2012

Teaching and Candle Light Puja with Khandro Thrinlay Chodon

I'm very lucky last night, have an opportunity to attend teaching time and candle light puja with "Khandro-la" the spiritual guru, a Yogini from himalayan.

With much wisdom and her hospitality. She teach all of us, the real meaning of happiness with the balance life.

All human too busy and forget about the true meaning of life, full of envy and greediness. Need the awareness. Everyone should go back to the dharma way.

As a women spiritual guru, "Khandro-la" say's, spiritual is difficult way for female. But in her long journey she say's if she is lucky born as women. Because the spiritual way is full of feminine aspect and women have sensitivity to feel it.

"Even you are women you can attain enlighment, just keep practicing. You don't need have to live in a monastry or practice in the mountain. Enlightenment is all about mind. Everything is about mind. When your mind is pure nothing matters, place doesn't matter, other conditions don't matter"

Candle Light Puja

"Khandro-la" lead us to pray, for the world, for our country, for syria, for burma, for tibet, and for all creature, may all enlightened and free from obstacles.

In the end, "Khandro-la" give her blessing, she touch my head , give me tibetan beads and whispered softly, "You will travel a lot, keep this beads"

Thank You "Khandro-la" , for the spiritual knowledge and the puja transmitting...

If you are interesting to attend "Khandro-la" teaching, talk, workshop, puja and her social project you can check on this site :


  1. Hello Miss,

    Khandro Rinpoche's always have annual teaching schedule in my country, if you are interest i can send you some file of her teach.


  2. Yes, you can send to my email

    Thank you :)

  3. So lucky of you Mareta! And you will indeed travel a lot!! Waiting for you to come to India again :)

  4. Ha ha yes Arti , India India India again :)