Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sikh Temple - Little India - Bangkok

Sikh temple is build inside the little india area in Bangkok. This place famous with the name of "Pahurat street". Here is well known are for wide range of textiles, silk, cotton, wool and cashmere.Besides textiles, these shops sell a wide collection of statues and pictures of Indian deities, Indian CDs, VCDs, bracelets, trinkets , sandals and also cheap india food.

Open for public from 07.00 AM till 09.00 PM , you can easily enter without any restriction. Just do not be noisy, wear closed cloth and cover your head.

The temple have sixht floor, look modern and clean. I go directly to the main prayer area at four floor. There is pathway in the middle of this hall, leading to the Guru Granth Sahib. The floor is carpeted with a beautiful design and is used as a sitting place for all the Sikh devotees.

Ladies sit on the left hand side of the hall, while the men sit on the right hand side, facing the platform, on which the Guru Granth Sahib is installed. The reason for sitting separately is to maintain order and to maintain concentration in listening to the religious prayers.

In the middle of the hall is a raised platform, about one meter above the floor, with carved gold-plated pillars on all fours sides. Above the platform is gold-plated dome, in the shape of a lotus, with petals around it. The top most is covered with a piece of cloth having a gold lace at the edge around it, giving a royal symbol. Placed on the platform, is the Guru Granth Sahib.

When i reached there, one of sikh man recite the holy book, I sit for nearly an hour to listen. Even i don't understand the meaning but from his tone bring peace in my heart and mind.


  1. The Sikh Temple is called a Gurudwara. Did you visit the Golden Temple while in India? You have described this place wonderfully well. Have a Happy Sunday Mareta :)

  2. Golden temple i will try it next year :)

  3. That will be an amazing experience for you Mareta :) Have a fantastic day :)

  4. If by any chance you find yourself in Manila on United Nations Avenue, about 1 km from the main tourist section of remittance, one can find a Sikh temple. Also there are several small super markets and restaurants nearby. rumah makanan Disana raos...Enak Dan veggie. the shops from our island import there dry good foods from Assad's. Great pastries around there. But Bangkok little India betterlah

  5. I think the best little india is in Singapore :), but from my experience all little little india have same look. Like chinese town too.