Monday, 27 August 2012

Vegetarian Restaurant Bangkok - Ethos

It's around 11.00 AM when my plane landed back in Bangkok. The weather was so hot, make my empty belly getting more hungry. Yes, that's was my reason why i visit this city, to start vegetarian culinary walking.

The first destination is the famous traveller area "Khao San Road". From Suvarnabhumi Airport i take the Cityline train to Phaya Thai (BTS) station, runs every 15 mins and costs around 50 Baht. From Phaya Thai i take taxi to Khao San Road, and the cost around 100 Baht.

Many Vegetarian and Vegan food around. I try ethos restaurant, a hidden place on the corner. They have many kind of menu. Thailand , india and also western taste. Why i choose this place, because here i can eat my favourite food "tempeh" / "tempe". Yes almost everyday i eat this food. So away for 7 day from Indonesia, make me miss this food. And im surprised because in Ethos i can find it.

Big lunch meal, because i order morning glory with garlic, fried tempeh with coconut sauce, mushrooms soup, red rice, lassi and ice lemon tea.

Not so tasty, for indonesia tongue like me as usual, need more spice and chili i think. But recomended one if you want the healthy food , they use organics product and free from MSG

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  1. Looks delicious! And Lassi, my favorite coolant! Have a fabulous day Mareta :)

  2. I love lassi too, but the lassi there not so good as in india , have nice weekend arti and hows the holiday so far...?

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