Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Chiang Mai - City of Temple

After finishing my “sweet” breakfast today, with a small map from my hotel in hand, sun cream , and a bottle of water. I’m ready to explore this city.

80% destination inside the city is temple / “Wat”. Over 300 temple "Wat" build here.That’s why you'll easily find a statue of Buddha stand everywhere. I decide just to visit some of Wat that big and old. Because to visit all need more time and I'm too old to walk through the city.

My advice is start early morning, when the sun not too bright ( sun here is a little bit deadly ). You can walk and enjoy the tranquility and hospitality of this city. No traffic jam and enough clean air.

First I found the Thapae Gate. Tapae Gate is Chiangmai's main entrance to the old walled city. You can sit and enjoy local people do activity around.

The interesting one is , I saw a poor man who was feeding hundreds of pigeons there. He look happy with those activity, than I went to him and asked if I can join and help him to feed the pigeons. He just smile and give me a slice of bread.

One lesson for me , sometimes someone just have a little more willing to share than someone who have more. You know why..?, because the poor know how the feels of starve and have nothing , so he is not stingy to share.

If you cross by The Tapae Gate don’t forget bring some bread for the Piegon.

After finish with the Pigeon, I continued walk cross the gate to visit some of Wat in my list. Wat Pra Singh, Wat Chiang Mun, Wat Chedi Luang, What Pan Tao and Wat Pra Sat

All is free entry, and you can take a picture inside or outside. You just have to respect people who pray inside. Do not make noise and keep quiet. There are some of donation box in each Wat, if you are interested to give some of your coin.

What i feel after walking around the city is a peacefulness, westernization did not seem much influence here. It's very different with the other city like Bangkok, Pataya or Phuket.

Chiang Mai still keep the local taste of culture, religion and wisdom. This makes all the outsiders like me have to follow how the local custom there.

Note : The rules are very strick. I saw many tourists were expelled and do not allow to enter inside . So please wear the decent cloth.

You are going to met Buddha right ...? , so leave your beach costume.. because im sure no pool inside the temple :)


  1. Beautiful post. Loved the part about the pigeons, the man was so nice.
    And your pictures are always beautiful, Buddha is just amazing.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend Mareta:)