Sunday, 27 May 2012

Little India at Yangon

This city look grey , mybe because all old building here which still stand around. That exudes the wisdom and secret story of the past. My next destination now is Little India, mybe there , i can met Ganesha :).

The Narrow Alley

You can found little india street, near the Sule Pagoda. It's blend together with the China Town, starting at 15th Street and heading to the East. Hidden in the small and crowded Alley, Little India become a great place. Because you can found many interesting object here.

Spice space

It's not India if without spice. Many spice seller ,on the street, also paan seller everywhere. Make many red dot in the wall little bit disgusting. But hey it's absolutely more better than cigarete, at least paan not infect my breath :).

Almost majority myanmar people love paan. Paan is a stimulating, psychoactive preparation of betel leaf combined with areca nut and/or cured tobacco.Paan is chewed before spitting or swallowing. Paan has many variations. Slaked lime paste is commonly added to bind the leaves. In my country paan famous around 1960, after this just the older in the village that still consumt.

The Temple (Underconstruction)

I don't know exactly what the name of this temple. It's just stand in the corner with the coloufull colour. When i go there it was underconstruction, same like the other hindu temple (Kali Temple) that stand front of the market, it also lock and closed.

But i saw young priest stand there, and i think it's still posible to go inside the temple.

After i leave my shoes outside, i try to go inside, and i see the big Goddes stone there, Im not sure who is this, mybe Durga or...?.

Inside The Temple

The priest bless me with the water, than i ask him, you have ganesha..?. He just smile and ask me to follow him. Ahh it's hidden and small. Of course, because it's not the main deity here.

Just spend for some time here, to sit and rest. From the building sytle, hindu temple in Myanmar similiar with the temple in south India.

Flower Seller

Amazing Bird Line

The one amazing thing that i can found here is, why so many bird around...?. Perch in the long electricity cable. Look enjoy and relax, even they pass through the traffic bellow.

This view show how the people here not too greedy, and still want to share place for the life of another creature like bird. Beautiful :)

Around Little India

Now mybe you are thinking same like me, why many india in Yangon..?. But than you will see if every country almost have little india area, same like in Malaysia, Singapore and other major country in the world beside the china town.

But if we want to read the history, it's always have conection with british colonization. Most of the ancestors of the current Burmese Indian community emigrated to Burma from the start of British rule in the mid 19th century to the separation of British Burma from British India in 1937. During British times, ethnic Indians formed the backbone of the government and economy serving as soldiers, civil servants, merchants and moneylenders.

It's long long history...even a race war has ever happened here around 1930. The native burmase againts the india immigrant.

The prayer light

But at least now , we can see, how the asimilation civilization is happen here, such for long time. Give impact for the culture, the food , the religion also the language.


  1. Amazing pics Mareta. And Paan is used in religious ceremonies in India too!! Beautiful captures as always:)
    Have a wonderful Sunday:)

    1. Hey Arti, can you explain what the religious meaning of paan..? It's new for me, :)

    2. Paan means leaf in many Indian languages. Not any paan or leaf is used to make a paan. Leaves of only a few plants or creepers are used to make a paan. The leaves have stuffing of several ingredients that make it sweet and delicious. Not necessary that paans are stuffed with tobacco. Banarasi and Calcutta paan are famous and normally eaten after a hearty meal.