Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dinner at Yangon

Almost everday i eat street food. Because there is not much choice other than there and after i try to observ, eating on the street is one of the myanmar style how the locals eat and interact.

With the less light, people sit together in the small small chair, enjoy the evening of the city. I can feel the warm ambiance here. How these people from younger to older have easy way to have fun

But don't wory , even you sit in the part of the street, it's look save, because the street is very quiet after 7 PM. The food that i pick is fried rice , fried egg and vegetable spicy pickled with a cup of hot coffee and a cup of hot tea for free, yes hot tea here is always free!

The price...? for all you just need pay 800 Kyat

Note : Im little bit upset when i know if no food there that hot, all is cold. They cook all food together in the beginning. Im indonesia and we always eat hot food. When i ask them to make it hot, they give me charge 1x full of price. Huh,
Do you know why...?

It's about how they save the energy :)

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