Sunday, 15 April 2012

The New Comer

After the long long Journey, from India fly to Switzerland. Than continued fly again to Dubai finaly Ganesha reached Indonesia.

Welcome to your new home..

Leave your bless inside here , Fill us with the Joy day by day, and Remove all obstacle around.


  1. Its beautiful but why is the Ganesha black in color?

  2. Hmmm i dont know why but the colour was little bit dark , if you visit indonesia, all ganesha is in black or grey colour :)

    Here hindusm symbol is very cold in colour Arti, very very different if compare with your country ...

  3. Both Ganesha`s are made originally in India :-) thos, also there are "almost black" ganeshas available...

    ...or maybe you should just clean them a bit ^^