Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Awareness Journey

“By being aware of whatever you’re doing, you learn to avoid impurities “

I pick one quote from Aung San Suu Kyi about awareness, because this is very suitable with my situation now.

Develop awareness as a step towards understanding anicca (impermanence) as an experience. I have very ordinary attitudes towards life. If I think there is something I should do in the name of love or in the name of hapyness, then I’ll do it.

The motivation is its own reward.

Soon, I will start again my journey..


  1. Motivation is its own reward. Such high thinking it is Mareta, really very nice.
    Also waiting eagerly to hear about your new journey:)

  2. Keep visit my blog Arti, i will update after finish the journey...

    Succes with your "Braj Bhoomi Yatra" :)

  3. Ofcourse it's nice, like the owner :)

  4. true :-) but not only the owner is nice , also the deliverer i reckon.