Sunday, 25 March 2012

1.21 PM

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking”
-Buddhist Proverb-

Every Person need a destination in his life, (a place, a side, a space, a step ),When humans reached the perfection from imperfection life.

How it's look..?. It's look beautiful, even when you see it, you don't want to see the other thing more. How it's feel...? It's give you happy feel and peace on serenity living.

How to achieve it..?
Required solemnity of heart to achieve it, focus, and not half and half. When you find the right direction, follow it and don't ever look to back again.

How we know it's the right direction..?
Only one you need, Big belief, if what you find now is the right one, this option will not give you confusion and , brought you into the personal goodness.

It is easy...?
No, it's not easy. sometime the dirrection getting lost, and you will confused where you will walking. Stop a while, and don't even move to other street. Listen to your heart beat, like a bell, it will be ringing and take you to your destination.

Like buddha say's Just walking, contemplating, meditating and walking again...


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  3. Dedication and willingness to pursue the correct path in life opens the right path for you and once there one should follow it with sincerity.. beautiful..

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