Thursday, 22 December 2011

Mother's Day

Dear Mom in Heaven,

Forgive me, if i was so rebelious and stubborn (even Dad gave up with me) to catch my dream.

I remember, how you wait me everyday after school just to accompany me eat even i always come home late you never angry.

I remember, how you fight with dad, just to let me raise a little chicken to be my silly pet.

I remember you never forget make me a glass of iced tea and cook a spicy meat soup, and you still make it in my 22 years old and try persuade me to eat it even i say Mom Im Vegetarian now :)

I remember how you sit everynight with sleepy face just to accompany me finish my homework even it's 2 am over.

I remember, you never say no, when i ask, can i go hiking tomorow ?, can i go to rock concert?, can i cut my hair? . You teach me my life is my responsibility and You 100% trust with all my decisions.

I remember you call me everyday , 40 day before you leave me forever, just to say don't late eat.

I remember how you try hard to wait me , just to say Good Bye before God call you. (The hospital say my mom already coma in tuesday, but she just wake and talk with me when i reached hospital at thurshday 4 hour before leave me forever when she lay her head in my soulder)

I just feel special and lucky to be your daughter.

Although you are not beside me anymore, but as my promise to you 9 years ago, I always try to be your good daughter, follow all your old rule and tradition in the crazy modern world.

If i become a mother someday, i want be a mother like you ..

Mom, I love you ..

PS : Happy Mothers day all , have you say thank you today to your mother?

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  1. From someone who lost his mother six years ago, and still feels the emptiness, I applaud you for this outstanding tribute to you beloved mother.

    This touched me Mareta!