Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ramadhan "between the trap of comsumerism and the divinity"

I just got home from the grocery store, and that’s make me crazy, I need to stand queue up for two hours just to buy a bottle of milk. Yes, tomorrow is the first day of ramadhan, This means a crowded situation in grocery , shopping mall and the streets are jammed. Seems like everyone in Jakarta going out for shooping this night.

Sometime, this phenomenon made me confused. Why, people looks greedy and fought like tomorow the world will be end.

From which I know, Ramadhan is the great month in a year for muslim follower, because they believe, in this month if you do good, the sins in a year will be forgiven. Yes , a whole month to refrain for evil passions and vices behavior. Pause everything to remember blessing from God and be grateful.

Everyone seems to forget important essence in, and inadvertence is exploited by the capitalism. How the market makes the divinity commodities to justify consumerism.

Shall we let this continue to happen…?


  1. every1 is what society has made them.
    guess old times were good :)

    take care

  2. @rainboy: I think in the old days also the people used to say god bless our ancestors they were better than us

  3. Human beings love rituals ....they enjoy practicing it ,praying 20 times a day, fasting, banging drums,....but do they look behind this rituals,for example the aim of fasting is to teach ppl how to control their instincts(lust,..) and to try the suffering of less fortunate poor human beings....so does it really work for most of us ? I don`t think so ...otherwise the world would be a much better place,no human being will sleep hungry again,,,,so after we break our fast we indulge in eating , drinking ,smoking and we end up filling our plates with triple the food we can eat ,and consuming more foods,and throwing in the trash more and more ..than in other seasons of the year...