Thursday, 28 July 2011


Yesterday, a reporter from another division in my office sent me an email. She wanted to interview me about the vegetarian life style. I asked “what for?” She said the international department wants to make a program about vegetarians, so she needed collect information.

Before I agreed, I asked her if I could speak freely, and she said “yes, I can say anything I wish”. This is a positive response to me, because those of us that work in the field of journalism understand that 75% of the interaction is done directly. The capital interests of the owners is their main goal.

Usually I interview people, but today I was interviewed by someone else! It felt a little bit strange, but show must go on!

She gave me 4 questions: 1) why did I decide to be a vegetarian; 2) how difficult is being a vegetarian; 3) what do I receive for being a vegetarian; and 4) how do I feel about being a vegetarian.

The only thing I remember in that time is a quote from a vegetarian:

“Animals cannot speak, but can you and I not speak for them and represent them? Let us all feel their silent cry of agony and let us all help that cry to be heard in the world”.

So let’s make an propaganda now, in front of camera.

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