Saturday, 16 July 2011

Coincidences are not Accidental

World is like a book with a pages, and human are the words that fill the inside. Every human has a own story. Composed stories inside the book have various Coincidences for people who want to think. But for those who do not want this, is just a usual story of life that come and go without giving meaning.

I had a lot of Coincidences happen in my life, all related to each other forming a circle. A circle of destiny. It’s why I can say if Coincidences are a “thing” planned and does not occur without any meaning.

We are the one who triggered the coincidence occurs who cooperate with the universe power. embody all in accordance with what we want.

Start thinking, Why Coincidences it happened today? ,

because it could be your subconscious want a coincidence it happened today.

And what’s next?

Another new coincidence that was already planned. Because we are words, and the story already write in the book of world.

Walk with full of consciousness, so we can capture every moment of life as a wonderful coincidence.

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  1. Awareness is a gift. Living consciously, love completely.

    Excellent post!