Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sampravaahi The Confluent streams - Khatak Dance

Khatak is the major classical dance form of Northern India. The word khata means a story, In past khatak just show inside the temple. Because the story that telling by dancer based mythological narratives by ancient brands

Ghungharoos (angkle bells)thinkling, make a balanced harmony between singer and dancer in the service of God.

Fast footwork (tatkaar), spins (chakkars) and innovative use of enacting techniques (abhinaya)give expression to a story and emotion.

Ms. Anurag Verma, completely perfect , show all of us the Jaipur Gharaana the part of khatak tradition from Rajashtan.

PS : The picture is taken on holi celebration in india culture centre event.

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