Friday, 18 February 2011

Mariamman Hindu Temple SAIGON

It's interesting, found a hindu place devote , inside the indochine area VIETNAM :). Yes, Mariamman Hindu Temple. This place is build for Hindu Goddess Mariamman. Hindu follower believe that Mariamman has miraculous powers.

Originally constructed by the Tamils hailing from Pondicherry with a raja goopuram, the Mariamman Hindu Temple is regarded as a sacred site by many Vietnamese and Chinese non-Hindus residing in Saigon.

Numerous multicolored ‘vahanas’ for ‘utsava murthis’ adorn the interior of the temple. However it can’t be definitely said if these colorful ‘vahanas’ were created in Vietnam by the Indian artisans or brought in from India. Camera not allow here so i do it in secret.

The address of this temple is mentioned below:
45 Ð Truong Dinh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and open for the visitors from 7:00 am to 7 pm daily.

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