Wednesday, 13 October 2010

"Monkey Mask........"

Every day I work from 12 am till 9 pm, usually “my lord” chooses a street with a traffic jam to make the attraction. Yes they hope to get much money in the traffic jam.

It’s tired? Yes very tired, 11 hour work, under a sunscreen and pollution. Don’t think that my lord gives me sunscreen and mask pollution; hello…I work for poverty, and have no budget to buy it.

I’m an angel? Yes! Do you know why? Because what I do can help some poor people to continue life. It’s my sins or nightmare?

But what can I do, I just a stupid animal. I do what my lord says; like dancing with scary mask, than play on a bicycle.

Imagine if you be like me , with your neck tied with an iron chain. Dance in a terrible street with the sound of the horn that damages my ears , would you be able to do this?

I just know the city is bad , was not friendly and is very arrogant.

I miss my habitat, when I can enjoy jumping from coconut tree to get the fruit.

If u meet me anywhere, can you stop to give money? You know I can’t go to supermarket to buy what I want. What I need is a good food and place to live normally like the other monkeys do; not living in the street, not in the city….

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