Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Life is like a book, when you open the first page and begin reading , you must wait until the last page to be able to get the full meaning. During the process, sometimes humans do not have enough patience to read and pass through every page, because not every page in the book tells the stories of only happiness.

Thats why we need to keep hope in life, because hope can become the best destianation. When you have that destination in life, you will have a passion to achive. So you will have a colorful life.

But if you are filled with to much confusion in life to have hope...

Just say thanks everyday for the life that you have. It is the most useful in making your life full of color and happyness and will fill your spirit and your day with new ink.

PS : the picture is candle in jesust altar, every candle that burns is the hope that ignited every church visitors

Aashayein is hindi words, mean “hope”

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