Thursday, 5 August 2010

Voracious (bahvaasin - बह्वासिन्)

Everyone always wants happiness. They will do anything to get it. But for each person, happiness will have a different level and unique meaning. Because of that, there will always be a conflict of interest surrounding the concept of happiness.

How can anyone say … "I'm happy now!", smile? , laugh?, cry?. no-one ever knows!. Depending on how we interpret the phrase “what is happiness”. Such a feeling jumps, booooomsss. If we can’t control it; sure… will change into a new sadness.

How can happiness create sadness…?

Humans are unstable creatures. They never have fixed values in feeling and never feel enough. Always feeling less, and envy other people’s happyness. It's why we can say that the human species is a voracious creature.

That’s why, humans must learn to be greatful, And not compare personal happiness with the happiness of others. So do not feel less. Because the real happiness is when the soul of our heart and minds to be the one, can give true meaning to life.

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