Thursday, 8 April 2010

Night life

I'ts 4 pm when I arrive at ayuthaya train station. Its very hot weather, an old man that sits with me in the train says…oh girl you come in wrong season. Yes, its me. Never search information before. But even the hot weather make my skin look like boiled shrimp -Grilled and silly- I wanna enjoy the night life here.

From lonely planet recommended I get a quiet place to stay. Its good hostel. And, from the girl guest I ask about night life. She give me the package, its very cheap she says, but not for me. So after refresh my boiled shrimp face, I walk outside to the street. And a local man with his wife approached me and asked,

Hey…where are you come from?.


Are you muslim..?


Ohhh My father Is muslim and don’t wory many mosque are build here…


Where you will go..??


Ohhh great you can go with me…by my tuk tuk…its cheap price…Bla bla bla bla…

Because im tired…i say OK lets Go…

What do you think…?? Night life in ayuthaya…??

Beer…party…laugh… (NO)

Its…Temple….Temple … Temple….and Mosquito bites 

And when back at the hostel…last words I hear from the local man that drives the tuk tuk…

Hey many pork food here be careful… ( Yes pork is food that makes sin- for muslim)

And again I JUST SMILE...

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