Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Million-man march movement

14th March 9:00 pm in Svarnabhumi Airport . I read on-line news that a big movement happens today. I do not know much about Thailand political situations. Or even if I will be safe for a week in this country. I just get a warning from my friends mail that it’s a thousand supporters of ex-Premier Thaksin Shinawatra that will make a monumentous movement in the Bangkok streets.
Nonsense, street movement its like day food for Jakarta people like me. So I’ll not get too scared about this. When I sit in a taxi, I see many Thai person siting in the street and wearing red t-shirts. I try to ask the taxi driver. But he doesn’t speak English very well. Just says “I don’t know not my business”. Hmmm I think the driver just doesn’t want to talk much about this political situation, at least he knows im a foreigner.

From the hotels room boy, I know that many streets in Bangkok are closed and it will happen maybe for four days. And he advised maybe go to the other city so you can still spend your time for traveling. But the room boy advice, made me curious and want know much about Thaksin Movement. The problem is not many Thailand person gives me enough information about this. So today at 8:30 I decided go to democracy monument near my hotel. Just 15 minutes from Khaosan Road.… looks like red sea. Everywhere, Everyone uses all red stuff. It’s good object photograph for me. Very powefull. I like red color it’s why I spend more than 30 minutes sit and look closely. And still -- im not understanding and get anything important about the point. It just the big form of loyality. I don’t know, ..whether this is a form of democracy or not? maybe I need go to a library and ask Mr.Plato about it .

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