Monday, 29 March 2010

The Dog’s Paradise

I've been in this city three days now, I am thinking of giving a new name to Bangkok city; The Dog’s Paradise. Yes, its strange name maybe, but i feel that all dogs that live in this city look to be full of happiness.

Just sleeping and enjoying laying down everywhere, the front of a store, near a restaurant etc. Maybe its not a normal dog lifestyle, because I never hear the dogs barking. It makes me curious, so in the evening I try go to the local peoples homes,maybe I can get the answer.

Majority of the local people here live in narrow alleys between buildings and hotels. In less space. Two different side of a face.

So I walk just 500 meters from my hotel. And i see more dogs siting and sleeping in front of homes and that has me surprised, the dog sits in chair with automatic fan and than the owner sits on the floor with manual fan that operated by hand. Its makes me laugh. Oh God, they really care about dogs more than animal activist keepers do (is this a joke? )

I look and feel they have a very unique bond (between dog-owner) that can't be explained by words. So i decided to not ask. And went back to my hotel.

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